05 October 2009

make/shift magazine, the rainbow, and the coast... OH MY!

my image was asked to be in the make/shift magazine
it's a small feminist publication and i am ecstatic that i was even considered for this!
hopefully this will be the push i need to start advertising my work more.
you can find out more about the publication at

in other news:

"you gotta have rain... to make a rainbow"

I sometimes forget that there's always a brighter side to life.
that was the first time i've ever seen a full arc of a rainbow.
the nice man on the bike (pictured on the lower right) waved me down as i was biking over a bridge
i could have just rode right by it and never even noticed.
it's moments like that where i truly appreciate humanity and kindness of strangers.

i went to the oregon coast for the first time!
It was the Tillamook (yes, the cheese is made there as well) coast and i went with two classmates in order to document for a science project.

sometimes, art school isn't a drag :]

22 September 2009

another day in the life...

oh, hi there...
i didn't see you there...
how are you?
here's what you've missed, thus far :]

sketchbook update:

going out to draw on location was a huge sigh of relief for me...
i still can't believe how lucky we are, as artist, to be able to have the ability to draw what we see
to report
to observe
and to document

it's a beautiful moment when you get to spend a few hours just drawing
buildings, trees, crowds, etc... :]

Portland, Oregon update:

swift watching was magical...
what are those black spots on this photo, you ask?
"Swifts are insect eating birds that migrate south each fall. At sunset during migration they choose a place where dozens to thousands of birds can roost (sleep). Since the late 1980’s the Chapman chimney has been one of these roosting sites."

i doubt i'll ever experience anything like that again... sigh!

soon to come:
tshirt idea
"finalized" pieces (hopefully soon!)

till then.

17 August 2009

summer in the city means...

portland,oregon has been awfully nice to me lately.
i have been only making lists of actual pieces not in a sketchbook..
but alas, i carry my sketchbook around more then a 18x24 sheet
so please be patient as i crank some out...
being an "artist" has blossomed into something more then just visual drawings this summer

it has become, to me,:
movies in the park for free

be expecting in the following months:
1. actual posts
2. lists of projects (that i WILL complete)
3. blogging style more so then an "art" blogging style
4. pieces of the wazoo [school is starting up again and it is THESIS time for me]
5. collaborations (i hope)
6. pictures
7. book recommendations
8. hopefully more followers
9. tentative website
10. ___________________

ps) would anyone be interested in a tshirt that has the image of the astronaut for my first drawing??? start the poll ;]

03 June 2009

Carpaccio Magazine Issue #2


Carpaccio Magazine is a monthly online publication and a quarterly print publication created to promote the work of 'uncooked' artists: emerging but very tasty artists. Published work includes illustration, photography, drawing and others -as music, poetry, diy designs, etc.

31 March 2009

Illustration Friday (IF): Poise

her life and art is the definition of what poise is.
it's amazing how ill-informed i am of all the different types of artists out there...
whether it be printmakers, contemporary artists, or sculptors
i've recently roamed around at my school's library
i get overwhelmed
but maybe it's good i only just recently discovered these artists
if I was any younger, i probably wouldn't have appreciated their work the same way.
Louise Bourgeois

sketchbook update

So a few updates:
got my clint eastwood watercolor piece into the PNCA BFA Juried Show.
also working on a portrait project... drawing illustrations of controversial couples in the past 50 years or so. it's exciting. i love the research part more then anything!

22 March 2009

04 February 2009

update yet again!

this semester flew by. now i'm starting my junior year, second semester! how does time fly so fast? it's intimidating yet exciting all at the same breath!

some things to look out for from me in the future:
-prints! (i'm taking a beg. intaglio&lithography studio class)
-digital media illustrations
-art show pieces
-sketchbook updates

heres a few stuff i did last semester with traditional watercolor:


this is a watercolor study i did of a movie still:

i haven't actually got to explore the great lengths of photoshop although... i have a great digital illustration class this semester! i'm not entirely comfortable yet but i like how clean i get my shapes/lines... and here are a few studies

movie still from minority report:

movie still from mission impossible:

ironic how my classmate pointed out that i had an odd fascination with cheesy tom cruise movies. so be it!

26 November 2008

holy jeebus it's Clint Eastwood

on display:

Icons are intriguing to me. I prefer to defy all reasons against it. Clint Eastwood’s portrait is portrayed in that fashion. Ugly being a graphic shape within his “manhood” gives his portrait a contrasting emotion with how he is usually perceived and how male heroic icons are usually always perceived as well.

28 September 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates.
That's a show piece I made for Launch Pad Gallery, theme being "Dreams"
The opening is Friday, i'm actually quite excited about this one, over 100 people are a part of it. I've never been a part of such a huge show. It'll definitely make up for a great friday opening! I'll leave some information about it on the bottom.


A Salon-Style, Open-Call Themed Group Show
featuring one piece each by over 100 artists
October 3rd - 31st, 2008
Opening Reception:
First Friday, October 3rd

Launch Pad Gallery
534 SE OAK ST.
(1 blk. East of Grand Ave, 1/2 blk. North of Stark)
Portland, OR 97214
(971) 227 0072

that's all for now, i'll update soon enough :)

28 July 2008

Life and a Bowling Pin...

This summer has been the most difficult summer to bear. Transitions have been happening left and right. With life, with my art, and the list can go further. I had to experience a loved one being taken away from me due to lung cancer. It was my first experience, ever, and I can't put into words how much that hurt. My Grandfather passed away on July 1, 2008. My grandfather was a great man who I could have known even better. His compassion and heart proved to show in his ending days, which fortunately i was able to see and experience. I plan on doing more series of work concerning him. I miss him very much... :[

Ever since his death as well, I've been more fascinated with birds...

here's a process of my bowling pin piece for the PIN UP show @ Tender Loving Empire
it's called "I know why the caged bird sings"

FINAL images (sometimes i wish i had a better camera/scanner)