04 February 2009

update yet again!

this semester flew by. now i'm starting my junior year, second semester! how does time fly so fast? it's intimidating yet exciting all at the same breath!

some things to look out for from me in the future:
-prints! (i'm taking a beg. intaglio&lithography studio class)
-digital media illustrations
-art show pieces
-sketchbook updates

heres a few stuff i did last semester with traditional watercolor:


this is a watercolor study i did of a movie still:

i haven't actually got to explore the great lengths of photoshop although... i have a great digital illustration class this semester! i'm not entirely comfortable yet but i like how clean i get my shapes/lines... and here are a few studies

movie still from minority report:

movie still from mission impossible:

ironic how my classmate pointed out that i had an odd fascination with cheesy tom cruise movies. so be it!


Your sister said...

Oooh, i like the Tom Cruise one from Minority Report! =)

Brandon Stirling Baker said...

i love your watercolor! & miss you!