19 March 2007

My Film Update!

So those are some freeze frames of my film.
The flower, i'm still working on texture options.
As you can see, it is, plainly to see, a "dark" film.
The story is about a girl who gets a flower from a boy.
She plucks the petals to see if he loves her or not ("he loves me, he loves me not")
But in the long run, she can't pull of the last petal which if pulled, meant that he loved her.
So that being said,
he doesn't love her. She gives the petal back to him.
He gives it to another girl and the girl easily plucks the last petal, which means,
he loves HER.
The little girl gets sad, and does this voodoo thing at the end which i won't ruin the ending surprise.
I'll definitely post my film once i'm done.
April 23, 2007. Deadline for 90 seconds.
Wish me luck.

(i'll try to post before then but if i can't, expect a long blog from me)


IZA said...

wishing ya luck, and looking forward to seeing the film when you're done!

jeff said...

Your film is gonna rock hard big time.
I got in by the way. See ya next year!

John Solis said...

i love your pen drawings!

kenzilla said...

your work is awesome! wouldn't be surprised if i stumble onto some of your work at a museum ;]

John Solis said...

yooo i'm studying illustration at sva actually ... msg me on AIM i'll let you know more about it -- triplejsol

Anonymous said...

you're my s-mate, you're my s-mate not, you're my s-mate, you're my s-mate not, (easily plucked the last head off my venus flytrap)YOU ARE MY S-MATE. -anonymous

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment, I saw your film at the open show :)