17 October 2007

IF: illustration friday-> extremes

coincedentally it collided with a midterm project i did for life drawing.
its simple, vague and i understand that.
it's an extreme portrait, it shows the identity i have as a women in today's society
there's this OVERwhelming sense of what "perfection" is
it's driven people to eating disorder, anorexia, etc.
the media plays out this unrealistic view of what a "perfect" body is.

in this illustration, the girl is branded "society", like a holocaust victim.
i feel like the way media is portrayed in today's society, its pretty much a genocide to women's self esteem and self worth
it's depressing.
i also wanted to point out why this body is headless.
it's a universal problem that i think all cultures are dealing with
this obsessive compulsive need to be this "type" of body to feel beautiful.
we all have those doubts, we all have those issues to work on with our self esteem as ladies (or even men)
so yeah...
also this girl has a hole, right through her..
the word "perfection" pretty much makes her feel empty inside and not "full"...
so its a disection of her soul.. i feel like a lot of girls these days feel this emptiness because they dont feel like they're good enoguh or beautiful enough for society..

its such an extreme that needs to be acknowledged as a growing problem in society today...
its not enough to just ban models from being anorexic.. it doesn't work out that way
it doesn't stop the problem that there are still teenagers and adults and even worse, children, wanting to be this "perfect" girl.

details: click for detail! (the background... is a million or so words just saying "perfection".. incase you cant see it... it's hard for this piece cause its better in person!)


JO said...

This is really great.

timafli said...

This drawing has a deep meaning which is very controversial. It is powerful and conceptual. I found the meaning is very profound as a fine art piece. If I were you, I would frame it and make it nice to keep. Later on, could be your exhibit piece very cool really.

Dee said...

excellent piece. I think your concept and execution are excellent. Nice to see someone thinking so deeply.

jensdesign772 said...

This is a lovely execution of a difficult subject. I like the commentary. I like your many layers of meaning. A very fine piece.

tiffany. said...

this is one of the most incredible things i've ever seen.

alice said...

completely unrelated comment - hey there, its alice from your illus class - i remembered you said you had a blog so i just typed in your name in google - here i am.. (crazy/scary what you can find by googling - i personally love it bc i can sit there at 2a in the morning and try to find a pattern for a swim cap for my halloween costume but yea, scary too on some level)
anyways - i actually remembered about looking up this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonobo) because i was skimming this (http://health.yahoo.com/experts/breastcancer/3699/breast-cancer-busting-common-myths) and i thought oh, i should bring this to jennifer *grin* (the cancer due to eff'd up environment point of discussion..

so enjoy, cheers - alice

John Solis said...

new stuff! dude what ever happened to that portrait thingie?

ksklein said...

wow. this is great. i think it is very fitting wih the subject and i like he way you incorporated the text.