22 September 2009

another day in the life...

oh, hi there...
i didn't see you there...
how are you?
here's what you've missed, thus far :]

sketchbook update:

going out to draw on location was a huge sigh of relief for me...
i still can't believe how lucky we are, as artist, to be able to have the ability to draw what we see
to report
to observe
and to document

it's a beautiful moment when you get to spend a few hours just drawing
buildings, trees, crowds, etc... :]

Portland, Oregon update:

swift watching was magical...
what are those black spots on this photo, you ask?
"Swifts are insect eating birds that migrate south each fall. At sunset during migration they choose a place where dozens to thousands of birds can roost (sleep). Since the late 1980’s the Chapman chimney has been one of these roosting sites."

i doubt i'll ever experience anything like that again... sigh!

soon to come:
tshirt idea
"finalized" pieces (hopefully soon!)

till then.


Morgaine Faye said...

WOW!!!! Your blog looks so amazing! I love the new header, and of course, as usual, great work! I am super bummed I missed those swifts. Stay classy, Lady.

ian said...

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